Hosting a Biker Themed Wedding


When planning your wedding, choosing your theme is the most exciting part. A quick search online is likely to lead to a hundred different wedding theme options that is likely to leave you over whelmed. However, if you have interests of your own or if you and your hubby to be share common interests then the best theme you can choose is one that represents you and your husband to be as a couple. If you both are biking enthusiasts, then a great wedding theme idea would be a biker themed wedding. There are lots of different things you can do to make the wedding an unforgettable one with a theme like this.
Travel to your wedding on a bike
Well, if you have chosen to have a biker themed wedding then one of the first and most important things to think about is how to get a bike to use as your “wedding car”. Ideally you will want to Harley Davidson Hire Company and rent a Harley that you will use for the duration of the day as your transportation. A Harley Davidson is the king of all bikes and therefore it is guaranteed to leave your guests in awe at the sight of you riding up to your wedding chapel on one.
Décor for your biker themed wedding
You will need to think up biker appropriate décor and invitations for your wedding. Ideally, you may speak to the Harley Davidson hire in Gold Coast about being able to hire a second bike that you have at the hall as a backdrop at a nominal price. You might even be able to cut a deal with the company to give it to you for free as you will not be using or riding the bike but will be using it as décor and will also serve as an advertisement for Harley Davidson and the hiring company as well. If they do not agree to give it to you for free, you may ask for a sufficient discount on the second bike.
Other decor ideas are to have Harley Davidson accessories around to use as décor or to have mini Harley Davidson model bikes that you can use as table centers. Choose to have a cake that is either a Harley Davidson model in its entirety or a white cake with a Harley Davidson logo and a model bike made of fondant placed on top of it. Your invitation to your wedding can also be Harley Davidson themed with a small model bike attached to the invite that can be taken off and used as a key tag or an ornament.