Making Your China Trip Memorable And Comfortable

China has become one of the famous tourist spots in the continent of Asia. People are coming from all over the world. Even some years ago China was only known for its great wall. But now as the result of globalization people has got to know about other attractions of China.

Its tradition, age old culture, delicious cuisine and lots of attractions lure travelers from all across the world. Also, you will find different types of accommodation options in many parts of the country. From luxury hotels to serviced apartments, you will get varieties of places to accommodate.

The serviced apartments are good to opt for as they are affordable yet comfortable. Finding the right apartment will help you to enjoy a comfortable stay at affordable price.If you are planning to take trip to China, then go through this list of places and make them as your must-visit place.

The Great Wall of China- it is a tourist spot that every citizen of every country knows. The Great Wall of China does not need any description or words of praise. It is one of the seven wonders. But it is a large area to travel in one day. If you are alone or with a group of youngsters, you can take the whole day to travel. But if you are with children, then you must make a list of the places where you will visit first because children will not be able to walk for a long day.a) The duration of travel time- the time starts from 7am to 8am and finishes at 5pm to 6pm.b) Departure- everyday buses from hotels travel to the great wall. c) Types of tour- if you have come with your family, then you may opt for the private tour types. Or you can share the public tour buses. d) Bandaging great wall- it is one and a half hour of driving from the downtown and 50 miles away. e) The places you can travel from bandaging great wall- the bird’s eye view of changeling, linen gate of the changeling tour, the Beijing stone, the children will love travel in the cable car, beacon tower of the Bandaging great wall.

f) After travelling you can have a great chines lunch. Three are so many food places around the great wall area. The tomb of Ming- the Ming tomb is also known as a changeling tourist spot. This tomb carries within it the 600 years old tradition, history, culture. When you will enter the tomb you will find that age old scripture. And the cold breeze, solemn temperament will take you to the age of ancient eras. The Forbidden city- the temple of heaven is the other name of the Forbidden City. Except Monday every day tourists can go there. The buses will leave from 8am and the travel finishes at 4pm.

Plan Your Vacation


After spending tiresome months, working or studying, you really need a vacation. Therefore, you have to plan a lot before you go on a vacation.

You can plan the way you are going to spend your vacation with your family members. If you are a student, you can ask your parents to go on a picnic. The ultimate goal of a vacation is to have some quality time with your family members.

Most of the time, people think that having a vacation means you have to stay at home and do nothing because you don’t want to get tired. Thus, people just stay at home; sleep a lot, watch movies and read books rather than going outside and enjoy the life.
Hang out with friends

If you are on a vacation, visit your old friends. It will strengthen your friendship and you can have a really good time. Talk about your past, the things you have done together. You will be able to enjoy the vacation by remembering good old times.

Go somewhere

Stop wasting your time at home. The life is out there. Talk with your family members and plan to go somewhere. If you are worried about residence, just check out apartment accommodations near the place you are planning to go. It will be a marvelous experience.
You will forget work stress for a while. Consider a trip to a coastal area. If you have booked an apartment accommodation in Wellington, you will be able to have sun baths, go on swimming and do lots of fun stuff.

DIY is interesting

If you really want to stay at home, do something useful. Do-It-Yourself or DIY will help you to improve your creative side. Researchers have showed that making crafts help you to reduce the stress. Therefore, if you really don’t feel like going outside, this is a good way to pass your time without wasting it.

Go to the library

Reading will never go in vain. If you are a student, you may feel like not touching a book after your exams. But reading a novel or short story can distract you. And it will give you knowledge. You can’t just stay at home and do nothing because it’s your vacation. Therefore, reading books will improve your knowledge and make your vacation a useful one.

Do gardening

What makes you happier more than seeing plants, planted by yourself in the garden? Be a green thumb and see how plants grow up. After a while, you will see buds and flowers everywhere in your garden and it will make you feel over the moon. And this will also make you healthy and mentally stable.

Short Guide On Macau Tourism

Once a Portuguese colony, Macau is now a special administrative region (SAR) of China and is popularly known as the Oriental Las Vegas since it is a gambler’s Mecca. Macau has quickly risen in popularity as a popular tourist destination.
The best time to visit Macau is between October to December when the weather is pleasant. It is advised to carry a jacket or some warm clothing as the weather tends to be windy. Tourists can move about in Macau by foot, taxis, shuttle buses or car.
Macau is equally interesting when it comes to accommodation as it is when it comes to travel attractions. Resorts, like studio city Macau, offer excellent accommodation facilities along with entertaining options.
Tourist AttractionsMacau is highly popular for its many casinos which are opulent, luxurious with bedazzling interiors and first class service. Most of the casinos operate all day long and housed in luxurious hotels which provide various other facilities too such as spas, swimming pools, designer boutiques etc. You can even find casinos in the best hotels with entertainment.
Apart from the casinos Macau offers many options for the young at heart in terms of night clubs, discos, lounges and side walk cafes and bars. Many live performances such as The House of Dancing Water in the City of Dreams and other jazz and cabaret shows add novelty to the already popular city, see this studio city Macau.
Macau has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to the number of old architectural structures worth visiting in the city such as the Ruins of St. Pauls, the St. Dominique Church, Monte Fort, A-Ma Temple, the Museum of Macau history and art, the Largo do Senado square and many more.
Macau also offers additional attractions like the Macau Tower, atop which the view is breathtaking. The Macau Tower also offers various adventure activities such as Sky Walk and Bungee jumping. Macau also has a Grand Prix Museum, a Jockey club and also a golf course.
Thus Macau offers something for every kind of traveller combining peace, prosperity, history, adventure, fashion and culture. Macau is a very versatile city and offers many options to spend an amazing night. The city has many live shows and performances which are highly renowned. The City of Dreams offers sensational entertainment options like The House of Dancing Water which is the world’s largest water extravaganza depicting a love story with dazzling special effects and costumes and featuring a state of the art theatre.
In Macau you will get every scope to live your days and enjoy inunique ways.