Stomach Pain Easing Natural Pain Relievers

For most of us, the stomach ache hits us right where it hurts and when we least expect it, as workaholics we end up staying in the office and getting all the work done at the same place. So eating and drinking goes hand in hand while working on a deadline in a daily bases. So when the stomach ache ends up hitting us, we are unaware that there are simple methods you can use to get rid of it faster.


Ginger is great as an anti-inflammatory drug alternative and has a lot of health benefits that we are unaware of. In the travel vaccinations Vietnam and in naturopathy, ginger is hailed as a natural remedy for anything from skincare to internal injuries. So when you get the stomach ache, getting someone to get a piece of ginger from the local store, or having some ginger tea bags will help you more than you realize. Ginger in its natural form is the most potent, so getting an actual from a local store and peeling and crushing it, adding to your regular tea is better. You can eat the chew and eat the pieced but you might find the taste a bit too strong so after waiting for the ginger to stew a bit in the cup, strain it out before drinking the tea.


When we hear peppermint we usually visualize the striped candy in the store more so than the herb that it is named after. Peppermint teas are great for settling upset stomachs and getting rid of impurities in the body. Add few sprigs of fresh mint into your regular tea; let it stew for two to three minutes and then drink. Mint can help you get rid of the pain and stimulate your appetite again and is one of the famous reliefs for menstrual cramps. Visit


You might have come across this tea when you browsed through the tea section in the market. Chamomile is a daisy and has been in the herbal rooms of apothecaries since a long time ago as an ingredient for naturopathy. It cures asthma, colic, fever, inflammation, nausea, nervous complaints, kid’s ailments, skin diseases and cancer. It is almost as famous as ginseng for its amounts of benefits. The plant has volatile oils and flavonoids and other substances that you usually find in a counter top pill, except of course it is much easier to consume as a fragrant tea. You can find fresh chamomile and then add it to boiled water, stew and strain and drink or buy the chamomile teas you can at the store.

There a great many amount of herbs for any ailment that the human body can come up with; so research well before you drink the pill.