The Hospitality And Tourism Industry

With the increase in the number of tourists to any given country the demand for more people in the hospitality and tourism industry has sky rocketed in the past few years. This is not as easy as it looks and the only a very few highly qualified ones are able to get into good posts due to the high demand while the rest have to start from scratch. To join this industry one must have a good understanding about tourism, the current market and hotel rates. Just this simple knowledge could be a good start to becoming a key player in this field. Click here for restaurants in luang prabang laos.

Getting tourists to a country is the easy bit of the task but entertaining them and making sure they have a comfortable stay is quite a mammoth task. Before the arrival of ones clients one needs to do a brief research about the country and culture they come from as this will come in handy when making a conversation with them. From the time of arrival to the time of departure all things must be planned well. The main aim is the please the clients to it becomes your responsibility to ask them which kind of a hotel they would like and what their budget is. It is because some tourists like cultural hotels while some other wants hotels with pools. Even transportation should be taken into consideration so it is best to rent a car for them to go about and venture the country.

Eating the meals from the hotel for consecutive three days could be super bland as the menu repeats sometimes. So for a change one could take the tourists out for a meal at some good spa hotel luang at Prabang for a change. Sight-seeing the city and visiting monumental places is also a very exciting aspect that all tourists look forward to. So as their guide you must make sure to be prepared to brief them about these places and their history. The rules of a given country should also be mentioned to the tourists because some countries have rules such as ‘’no littering’’ and they will be fined if they do so. At the time of departure of the tourists it is best to give them a token of appreciation so that they will have something to remind them about the vacation they spent in a foreign country. Little things like this make such a big difference. It is advisable to take the feedback from the guests about their visit because in this way one could improve on ones flaws and make sure it does not happen next time.