How To Surprise Your Sister With A Weekend Trip

Your sister has just being promoted to the position of manager in her office. You are thrilled at the news of your sister’s promotion because this was long overdue. Despite the many late hours of work and the responsibilities of overlooking an entire department your sister was not given her promotion for many years. But now the time has come to celebrate this much awaited promotion of your sister. Your family entrusts you with the job of finding a suitable place to take your sister for an unexpected vacation during the weekend. The vacation of course is a surprise and you have to make sure that you get everything planned as expected without your sister finding out about the vacation.

Close to nature

So you immediately get on the job. After browsing the internet you call a couple of hotels and ask them for details about their facilities and their extra activities offered at the site and of course if they are situated close to a jungle area because your sister is a strong environmentalist who loves to be close to nature. You hit the jackpot when you come across a hotel that has the ideal location for the vacation. This hotel is situated in the middle of the jungle and has trekking, bird watching and safari rides on offer for their customers. The hotel also offers luxury accommodation to their customers even though they are situated in the middle of a jungle. You are amazed when you see the facilities offered by this hotel and you cannot imagine going to any other hotel after you came across this one.

Make the reservations

On further inquiry you find out that this hotel also offers basic accommodation for their customers in case some of them cannot afford to pay high prices for sophisticated rooms. Your mother and father are in total agreement for this hotel and you go ahead and make the reservations. The weekend finally arrives and your sister is wondering what on earth is happening because everybody is packing their clothes. You ask her to pack her clothes because the family has to go on a sudden outing. Everybody is now ready to go.

Welcome and congratulations

All of you finally arrive at the hotel and your sister is aghast when she sees the surrounding in which the hotel is situated. She cannot believe what has just happened when she sees a board at the entrance that says welcome and congratulations. The hotel staff welcomes your sister with a welcome drink and it is only then that she realises that this was a surprise trip made just for her.