Dos And Don’ts Of Wine Tasting

Talking from the perspective of wine lovers, there’s no trip that is worth remembering which doesn’t include a trip to a winery. Wine tours are considered to be one of the best ways in discovering each type of wine from scratch as to how it got produced and why does it taste like it. So if you are someone who is eager to visit a winery on your next trip, here are something dos and don’ts you should be careful of. Let’s find out what are they.

  1. Don’t visit a winery on an empty stomach

Before you plan ahead on going to a winery for wine tasting, it is seriously and highly advised to have a solid lunch or breakfast. Not only this, but yif you want to keep yourself sane and in an absolute healthy manner, you should visit only 2 wineries during the day time and 2 after the lunch time. This way, you are able to balance out the effects which could occur otherwise.

  1. Shipping options

When you are on your trip to wine tasting and would like to purchase some of the wines during the trip, make sure you have planned ahead on how to have it transported as well. There are some rules and regulations of every state about carrying liquor so make sure you have already gone through them before making the move. The best option that you could go for is to pack some of the bottles and have it carried around within your suitcase.

  1. Tasting Etiquettes

For the people who are out there for having a wine tasting experience, they take their tours very seriously, and hence, they would not take anything that would ruin their experience which is why there are some factors to keep in mind beforehand. When heading out for a wine tasting tour, make sure you are not wearing any heavy scent or perfume as it ruins the experience for yourself as well as everyone around you. Besides this, it is also strongly recommended to avoid chewing a gum as the sugar in it mixes with the wine flavors which would result in killing the actual flavor of the wine itself.

  1. Spitting out Wine

All the wineries Macedon Ranges have a spit buckets around due to the fact that it is a rule to spit out the wine after you have tasted it as it is not considered important to  swallow every wine that you taste. Do not think that it is impolite to perform such an act as it is totally okay to spit out something that you actually don’t like. Nobody will be offended with this act of yours.

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