Making Your China Trip Memorable And Comfortable

China has become one of the famous tourist spots in the continent of Asia. People are coming from all over the world. Even some years ago China was only known for its great wall. But now as the result of globalization people has got to know about other attractions of China.

Its tradition, age old culture, delicious cuisine and lots of attractions lure travelers from all across the world. Also, you will find different types of accommodation options in many parts of the country. From luxury hotels to serviced apartments, you will get varieties of places to accommodate.

The serviced apartments are good to opt for as they are affordable yet comfortable. Finding the right apartment will help you to enjoy a comfortable stay at affordable price.If you are planning to take trip to China, then go through this list of places and make them as your must-visit place.

The Great Wall of China- it is a tourist spot that every citizen of every country knows. The Great Wall of China does not need any description or words of praise. It is one of the seven wonders. But it is a large area to travel in one day. If you are alone or with a group of youngsters, you can take the whole day to travel. But if you are with children, then you must make a list of the places where you will visit first because children will not be able to walk for a long day.a) The duration of travel time- the time starts from 7am to 8am and finishes at 5pm to 6pm.b) Departure- everyday buses from hotels travel to the great wall. c) Types of tour- if you have come with your family, then you may opt for the private tour types. Or you can share the public tour buses. d) Bandaging great wall- it is one and a half hour of driving from the downtown and 50 miles away. e) The places you can travel from bandaging great wall- the bird’s eye view of changeling, linen gate of the changeling tour, the Beijing stone, the children will love travel in the cable car, beacon tower of the Bandaging great wall.

f) After travelling you can have a great chines lunch. Three are so many food places around the great wall area. The tomb of Ming- the Ming tomb is also known as a changeling tourist spot. This tomb carries within it the 600 years old tradition, history, culture. When you will enter the tomb you will find that age old scripture. And the cold breeze, solemn temperament will take you to the age of ancient eras. The Forbidden city- the temple of heaven is the other name of the Forbidden City. Except Monday every day tourists can go there. The buses will leave from 8am and the travel finishes at 4pm.